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Teagle Hybrid Learning Project

The Teagle Foundation is committed to supporting innovation in teaching and learning in liberal arts education, while focusing on accountability and backing high quality, cost-effective programming in higher education. Lafayette College, working in collaboration with LVAIC, was awarded a three-year grant “to collaboratively design courses and sets of modules” and build a network “of ‘Digital Faculty Fellows’ who will mentor each other and generate interest among colleagues to pursue hybrid course development opportunities that enrich the academic experience, while sharing costs and using classroom and laboratory facilities more efficiently.”

Project Period: 2015 – 2018


Project Goals

Developing a set of collaborative hybrid teaching –from modules and supporting materials to full courses that are aimed at:

  1.       Improvement in achieving learning outcomes;
  2.       Promoting faculty collaboration across LVAIC;
  3.       Resource and cost savings/more efficient use of existing assets;
  4.       Improved digital literacy; and
  5.       Increased use of hybrid approaches with improved efficacy.

Partnering Institutions: Cedar Crest College; DeSales University; Lafayette College; Lehigh University; Moravian College; Muhlenberg College


Current Projects 2016-2017

Overview: Faculty from four LVAIC institutions are developing a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach for teaching students about wastewater handling and treatment systems through a visual web-based module complete with educational videos, lecture notes, and hands-on activities surrounding different types of facilities, their technology, and their current innovations.

Participating Faculty:
Dr. Joseph Colosi, Associate Professor of Biology, DeSales University
Mr. Kelly Allen, Associate Professor of English, Northampton Community College
Dr. Derick Brown, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Lehigh University
Dr. Arthur Kney, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Lafayette College

Overview: Faculty members from six LVAIC institutions with diverse chemistry backgrounds are coming together to develop an extensive library of integrated video modules on the core topics of medicinal chemistry necessary for any gateway course that can be used for “flipped” instruction, online courses, or supplemental materials.

Participating Faculty:
Dr. Michael Bertucci, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Moravian College
Dr. David Husic, Professor of Chemistry, Lafayette College
Dr. Francis Mayville, Associate Professor of Chemistry, DeSales University
Dr. Marianne Staretz, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Cedar Crest College
Dr. Sherri Young, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Muhlenberg College
Dr. Ned Heindel, Professor of Chemistry, Lehigh University

Overview: Faculty from Lehigh and Lafayette are developing an online cultural exchange project where students from the two campuses interact with one another virtually, as well as with students from China, broadening their cultural experiences and promoting their foreign language learning.

Participating Faculty:
Han Luo, Full Time Lecturer of Chinese, Lafayette College
Li Yang, Assistant Professor of Chinese, Lafayette College
Limei Shan, Professor of Practice of Chinese, Lehigh University

Overview: As part of the LVAIC collaborative minor, Documentary Story Making, faculty will develop the new online course, Legal and Ethical Questions in Documentary Practice that examines questions of how stories are represented on the screen, how documentary films represent truth, and the nature of filmmakers’ ethical obligations toward their subjects.

Participating Faculty:
Dr. Kate Ranieri, Assistant Professor of Media & Communication, Muhlenberg College
Ms. Julia Maserjian, Digital Scholarship Project Manager, Lehigh University


Past Projects 2015-2016

A new Research Methods course was offered by Dr. Sabrina Terrizzi at Moravian College during Fall 2015, which included both in-class and online learning modules developed in collaboration with Drs. Kaskowitz and Ruebeck.  The course was designed to prepare students for a CBLR project that will be continued in the Marketing Research classes taught by Drs. Kaskowitz and Ruebeck in Spring 2016.

Participating Faculty:
Dr. Gary Kaskowitz, Associate Professor of Management, Moravian College
Dr. Christopher Ruebeck, Associate Professor of Economics, Lafayette College
Dr. Sabrina Terrizzi, Assistant Professor of Economics, Moravian College

Dr. John Sullivan and Ms. Elizabeth Ortiz offered a cross-campus, hybrid Media Literacy and Media and Society course during Fall 2015 where students collaborated between campuses to prepare for Media Literacy Week.  The course was co-taught both online and in-person and was designed to prepare students for Dr. Brancato’s Media Industries course in Spring 2016.

Participating Faculty:
Dr. John Sullivan, Associate Professor of Media & Communication, Muhlenberg College
Dr. James Brancato, Professor of Communication, Cedar Crest College
Ms. Elizabeth Ortiz, Assistant Professor of Communication, Cedar Crest College

Faculty from four LVAIC institutions have created educational videos of laboratory instrumentation on their campuses for students and faculty from other institutions to utilize as hybrid instruction to promote research collaboration.

Participating Faculty:
Dr. Keri Colabroy, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Muhlenberg College
Dr. Sherri Young, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Muhlenberg College
Dr. Marsha Baar, Professor of Chemistry, Muhlenberg College
Dr. Steve Dunham, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Moravian College
Dr. Chris Jones, Associate Professor of Biology, Moravian College
Dr. Mark Snyder, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University

The faculty cohort created a digitized learning module outlining Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) that could be differentially embedded in courses or programs needing such instruction.

Participating Faculty:
Dr. Nancy L. King, Assistant Professor of Education, Cedar Crest College,
Dr. Judith Rance-Roney, Associate Professor of Education, DeSales University
Ms. Sally Richwine, Senior Lecturer, Muhlenberg College
Ms. Kim Rohrbach, Lecturer, Muhlenberg College


Video Resources for Digital Literacy