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Funding for Collaborative Programs

LVAIC has funding to support curricular and co-curricular initiatives (up to three years in duration) that, through cooperation and collaboration, improve the students’ experiences at LVAIC schools and that result in increased cross-registration and/or short- or long-term cost savings. The LVAIC funding cycle takes place annually and aligns with institutional budgeting cycles. The Request for Programs is typically issued in early December, proposals are due at the beginning of March, and funding awards are announced by the beginning of May.

LVAIC considers two types of requests- Program Proposals and Innovation Proposals.  Program Proposals may be submitted to promote interaction and sharing across the LVAIC community and will include programs such as, but not limited to, faculty, staff, and student conferences, symposia, and workshops.  Innovation Proposals will promote collaborative improvements across the LVAIC community in teaching and learning, such as but not limited to, new collaborative certificates and courses, faculty development programs, and the use of technology to support cross campus learning.

2017-2018 Guidelines for Program Proposals
2017-2018 Guidelines for Innovation Proposals

For more detailed information, view the Frequently Asked Questions about LVAIC Funding Process. Proposals submissions for the 2017-18 academic year were due March 3, 2017.

Proposals are evaluated by the LVAIC Cooperative Funding Rubric.  Proposals are prioritized for funding by the LVAIC Chief Academic Officers, who make recommendations to the LVAIC Board of Directors. Proposals are reviewed on the following criteria:

–  Alignment with LVAIC funding goals: 

1.) advancing inclusion and cultural awareness across the LVAIC community
2.)improving teaching and learning at LVAIC schools,
3.)increasing cross-campus interactions of faculty or students, and/or
4.)resulting in short- or long-term cost savings

–  Qualifications of the proposers

–  Likely success of the proposed initiative


Groups that receive funding are required to submit an annual report, including a description of the activities completed, assessment results, and a financial report.  Questions about the LVAIC funding process should be directed to dimitroffd@lvaic.org.

The final reports from previous funded programs are available here. The materials for current funded programs to access funding and check reporting guidelines are available here.