Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are the foundation of LVAIC's collaboration and innovation across the member campuses.  As many as 50 groups of LVAIC faculty and administrators meet regularly for professional development, best practice sharing, advancement of initiatives, and development of programs.  Through their purpose-driven cooperation, LVAIC Communities of Practice enable educational, operational, and fiscal advantages that are oftentimes exclusive to larger-scaled institutions.

Current Communities of Practice include:

  • Chief Academic Officers
  • Faculty Groups
  • Lehigh Valley Research Consortium
  • Senior Student Affairs Officers
  • LVAIC Planning Committee
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Admissions Deans & Directors
  • Financial Aid Directors
  • Library Deans and Directors
  • Chief Campus Safety/Security Officers
  • Controllers
  • Facilities/Plant Operations /Facilities Planning
  • Head Athletic Trainers
  • Health Insurance Consortium
  • Human Resources Directors
  • Information Technology Directors
  • Purchasing Directors
  • Telecom Directors
  • Transportation Directors
  • User Support/HELP desk
  • DeSales University – Campus Environment Committee
  • Lehigh Environmental Advisory Group (LEAG)
  • Moravian College – Sustainability Committee

Similarly, cross-functional, inter-institutional committees are charged with the execution of the Board- approved strategic planning goals outlined within the LVAIC Strategic Planning Initiatives.