LVAIC Communities of Practice

Educational, operational and fiscal – LVAIC enables advantages that are oftentimes exclusive to larger-scaled institutions. Behind every initiative, there is a dedicated constituent group responsible for planning and implementation. These groups draw upon the members’ senior leadership and relevant staff; they are the core of the consortia’s purposive-driven cooperation.

Constituent Groups include:

  • Chief Academic Officers
  • Faculty Groups
  • Lehigh Valley Research Consortium
  • Senior Student Affairs Officers
  • LVAIC Planning Committee
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Admissions Deans & Directors
  • Financial Aid Directors
  • Library Deans and Directors
  • Chief Campus Safety/Security Officers
  • Controllers
  • Facilities/Plant Operations /Facilities Planning
  • Head Athletic Trainers
  • Health Insurance Consortium
  • Human Resources Directors
  • Information Technology Directors
  • Purchasing Directors
  • Telecom Directors
  • Transportation Directors
  • User Support/HELP desk
  • DeSales University – Campus Environment Committee
  • Lehigh Environmental Advisory Group (LEAG)
  • Moravian College – Sustainability Committee

Similarly, cross-functional, inter-institutional committees are charged with the execution of the Board- approved strategic planning goals outlined within the LVAIC Strategic Planning Initiatives.